Personal Autism Logo

April 14, 2010 at 2:34 am (Uncategorized)

For my daughter Alice… The smartest, brightest, most creative girl! I love you!



  1. Luis A Moreta said,

    Love the logo and God bless Alice.

  2. Debra Kay said,

    Hello Sharon, I am Debra Kay from Northern Wisconsin. I was wondering if I could use you very nice design on my front porch windows. I paint on my porch windows monthly & I’ve decided to use different designs on Autism. I guess this should of been done in April being it is Autism Awareness Month. Anyway my email address is and most can see my porch painting at Northern News out of Duluth,MN under artistatplay. Each month I have painted something different then sent pictures up to the Northern New. You can also find me at: Looking forward to hearing from from you. Thank you for showing this that you made for Alice

  3. Cynthia Rozek said,

    I am a Scentsy certified consultant and our cause for the Spring/Summer 2011 season is for Autism. We have a special warmer which, at the end of this month, is no longer available. I will be posting on my Facebook page my last efforts to sell more of these cause warmers and I would like to utilize this logo to do so. May I?

  4. Christy said,

    Your logo is AMAZING!! So perfect. May I use it as my Facebook profile pic?

    • A.Daley Original Artwork said,

      Hey! I would be thrilled if you used this for your profile page!
      Thanks so much!

      • Julie Bence said,

        I too loved your logo when I saw it. I painted it on a shield I attached to the castle I made for my daughter.

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